Dealing With Shared Custody During The Holidays

The holidays are supposed to be a happy time but if you are sharing custody of your kids they can quickly become a time of frustration and disappointment. Dividing up time with the kids during the holidays is rough because both families want to have time with them and often holiday parties and other events cut into one parent’s time and switches need to be made. After years of dealing with holiday custody frustration here are a few tips I’ve learned to make sharing custody of your kids with your ex easier during the stressful holiday time: Be Flexible You both know what the custody agreement is so don’t throw that in the other parent’s face. Instead be flexible and be willing to make deals when it comes to custody. If your ex really wants to take the kids to see their grandparents on Christmas Eve let them even though Christmas Eve is your night with them. Just move your holiday celebration to the next day. Or vice versa. Remember that the goal is to make sure that your kids have a nice holiday and get to see their family members and spend time with them. It’s not about winning or beating your ex. It should be about what will make the kids the happiest. Make Your Time Special You may not get your kids on Christmas Day, or even on Christmas Eve. But you can make the time that you have with them feel special anyway. Take them ice skating or take them out for hot chocolate or take them to go see the holiday displays in the storefronts. Anything that you can think of to make the holiday fun and special. Even if you don’t have custody on the actual holiday the kids will remember the holiday time they had with you fondly. And that’s what matters. Coordinate With Your Ex About Presents Giving presents can be a nightmare for parents who are split up. If you told the kids they can’t have a new console gaming system. Your ex buys them one then you are the bad guy if you take it away. But if you give the kids new phones. And your ex also got them phones on their phone plan that can be a disaster too. It’s very important that you talk to your ex. Set some ground rules when it comes to giving gifts to the kids. And both of you need to abide by the rules that you set and make sure that your parents do also. Let each set of grandparents know what rules you and the ex have decided on when it comes to Christmas gifts. Asks them to please respect the rules so that peace and harmony can be maintained. Don’t Badmouth Your Ex You should never say bad things about your ex in front of your kids, but during the holiday season when you’re frustrated with changing schedules and other problems you might be tempted to let something negative slip. Don’t. That is not helpful for anyone and it’s not good for your kids.


6 Sweet Steps to Make Your Wife Happy

Make time for your wife and make her feel the luckiest woman on the world. Women are very easy to please. It takes very little for them to feel special and loved. They do not require expensive or flashy things in order to appreciate your efforts. Spend quality time with her despite your busy schedule. Strengthen your relationship and make your wife happy in the simplest ways. Here are 6 sweet steps to make time for your partner in marriage: Greet Her in the Morning Remember to notice her first thing in the morning. Make her feel wanted with the way you kiss her when you wake up. That slight brush of your lips on her cheeks is one of the sweetest things you can do for her despite her just-woke-up face. Put Her in Your Schedule She knows that you’re working for your future and she understands that you may be quite loaded most of the time. If you put her in between your busy schedule, you make her feel like an important part of your priorities. Call her in the middle of the day and check on her or take her to lunch whenever you have an office downtime. Let her know that you remember her while you’re both away. Take Her on a Date It doesn’t have to be in a fancy restaurant. You can just even take her to your own kitchen, cook for her and spend that meal with her. Unlike those hasty and quick moments, put your attention on her in that instant. You may not have a lot of chances but make those chances count. Put Down Your Phone Don’t just give her quick glances over your phone. Put it down and listen. She just might be asking about her dress, or what you want to eat for breakfast. Whatever it is, don’t attend to her with your phone in your hand, or in your ears. Talk to Her Remember when you used to talk a lot just about anything when you were still younger and didn’t have heavy problems to solve? Talk to her about anything, again. It doesn’t have to change. You can even talk to her about those problems. She would like to hear about your worries, too. Turn that late-night reading session into an intimate conversation with your wife. Say Goodnight Before your day ends, say goodnight to your wife. Let the last thing she remembers about you before she sleeps be your voice speaking gently in her ears. Let her dig into her dreams with your sweet gesture in her memory.


What You Need To Know About The New iPads

Just in time for early holiday shopping, Apple released a slew of new products including a totally revamped and upgraded iPad Pro. If you love the changes in the iPhone X you will love the new iPad Pros because the new Pros have a lot of the same features as the iPhone X series. And the new iPads also have a seriously upgraded processor for faster speed. Here are a few of the new features that the iPad Pros have: New Screen Sizes The previous size screens are gone and now the iPad Pro has a fully immersive screen that comes in either 12.9 inches or 11 inches instead of the smaller screens that the previous versions of the iPad Pro came in. And because of the faster processor and other upgrades like the Liquid Retina display the new iPad Pro has about as immersive a screen experience as you can get. Face ID The new iPad Pros have a lot of the same features that were first introduced on the iPhone X series, including facial recognition. The new iPad Pros have no home button. Instead, they rely on Face ID, which will work when the iPad is horizontal as well as vertical so if you are working on your iPad and you walk away for a few minutes and need to log in again you won’t need to reposition your iPad in order to log in. Because of the Face ID addition, the iPad Pro also has the ability to use Animoji and Memoji. Smaller Bezels In keeping with the goal of making the iPad Pro faster and lighter the bezels for the different function buttons are now even smaller and blend seamlessly into the case. There is no headphone jack on the iPad Pro newest versions but there is a USB-C connection so that you can charge your iPhone on your iPad or plug in other USB tools to the iPad. If you want to listen to headphones you will need to buy an adapter in order to plug in your headphones to the iPad or use wireless headphones. The adapters are sold separately and cost about $10. Are The New iPad Pros Worth It? If you already have an iPhone X or higher and you don’t do a lot of work, photography or media watching on your tablet you probably don’t need the increased functionality of the iPad Pro. But if you want to watch media on an interface that rivals the best TVs on the market or if you are seriously into photography and you want to have a stellar camera for taking photos and videos that is also light and easy to take anywhere then you can get a lot of use from an iPad Pro. Investing in the upgraded iPencil to use with the new iPad Pro will give you a technology suite that may not be a replacement for a laptop but will give you great functionality and the technology to take your creativity to new heights. Read more:  


Are Smart Appliances Worth The Cost?

smart kitchen

Like many people, my husband and I were very excited by the idea of replacing our appliances in the kitchen and our washer and dryer with smart appliances. There are so many high-end smart appliances these days that can do everything except put the food away for you that we were a little intimidated by all the features that these new smart appliances have. And the price tags are pretty high, so wanted to be sure that investing in a smart fridge, a smart stove and other appliances would be worth the cost. We decided that we would try out a smart fridge, a smart stove to see if they were as life-changing as the sales material said they would be. When we brought them home I was very skeptical. My husband, who is a tech geek, was so excited he practically didn’t leave the kitchen after the smart stove and fridge were installed. And even after he left the room I caught him on his smartphone pulling up the camera on the fridge to look inside it like he was discovering an entirely new world. It’s a good thing he didn’t have the same fascination in Spy Apps! Here’s my assessment of our smart appliances after we had tried them out for a full month: The Smart Fridge I thought this one was going back to the store for sure. I mean, how could we possibly need a fridge with a camera on it? A screen? Sensors of all kinds? It seemed too space age and very unnecessary. But in order to make sure I was giving it a fair shake I also tracked the grocery spending for the entire month. And it turns out the smart fridge saved us a lot of money on food costs. The fridge had a sensor that would tell me when the produce and fruit needed to get eaten, so we saved money by eating that food instead of throwing it out after the expiration date. It also saved money by reminding me when the milk and eggs were about to expire. When I went to the grocery store I’ll admit it was decadent and extremely helpful to be able to look in the fridge and see if I needed to buy eggs, cheese, salad dressing, and other items. I saved a lot of money by being able to buy just what I needed. The smart fridge ended up being a smart buy and it’s staying. It’s amazing how easily tech can change our lives. The Smart Stove The smart stove also turned out to be a real game changer. I love having the ability to turn the stove on to preheat when I’m on my home. And I never have to worry if the kids have left the stove on because I can turn it off from anywhere. It makes cooking for large parties and cooking different types of foods together with a snap. I don’t know how I got along without it. Investing in smart appliances was a great decision for us, and it probably would be for you too.