Avoiding Drama In Online Parenting Groups

online parenting groups

Sometimes it feels like it’s impossible to avoid drama on online parenting groups. There’s always misunderstandings, disagreements, and other problems that blow up quickly into feuds and bullying. But online parenting groups on social media sites are known for being unusually filled with drama and bad feelings. Maybe it’s a lot of sleep-deprived cranky people trying to interact. The good news is that you don’t have to participate in the drama. You can choose to not get involved when people are attacking each other or just being mean to other parents. Follow these tips you can manage to build good relationships in parenting groups. Don’t run the risk of becoming a target for drama and bullying. And definitely, don’t start hacking Facebook messages from the other person.    Refrain From Posting Sometimes I know you’re laughing at that one because parents are always tired. Always. But when you haven’t slept well or haven’t slept enough you’re going to be crankier than usual. You might misinterpret a post in the group and be snide or snarky remark. When the original poster never meant to cause offense. The best way to prevent unknowingly starting drama and attacking other parents unnecessarily is to not post when you’re tired. Turn off your phone until you get a nap or at least shut your eyes at your desk.  Compose Your Thoughts Carefully It’s incredibly easy to misunderstand the tone of a post online. On the Internet, there are no verbal or visual cues to let people know that you meant. If your post is a joke or you’re trying to be sarcastic. That means that people can misread your intention and may get offended when you were only trying to be funny or thoughtful. That’s why you should always write out your post then take a beat and think about it. Read it again and edit it before you post it to make sure that your intention is clear. Don’t just fire off a message without looking at it twice. Walk Away One of the best things about online social media parenting groups is that you can put your phone down. Or turn it off and walk away when the drama starts. You don’t have to get involved. So if you do end up on the receiving end of some anger or hurt feelings don’t respond right away. Responding will just enrage the other person more. Instead turn your phone off and walk away for awhile. Come back to the conversation after you have had a chance to think of a rational response. Apologize No one likes being wrong, but everyone is wrong sometimes. When you are wrong in an online social media group to admit it right away. Don’t try to talk your way out of a mistake. If you were a jerk own up to it and apologize. The other group members will respect your honesty. And they may return the apology when and if they make a mistake. If you enjoyed this, let us know what you think of the post. Check out more articles online from Healing Reflexions.