5 Rules To Keep Your Children Safe On Social Media

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5 Rules Parents Need To Follow To Keep Kids Safe On Social Media This Summer

It’s summertime and that means that your kids are going to spend the next few months social media free. For all that could end up hurting them. In the summer kids tend to get lax about obeying social media rules. They want to post photos and videos and enjoy chatting with friends. But parents need to set some good ground rules for kids using social media during the summer. Especially for teens who spend the summer practically glued to their phones and tablets… While there are many alternatives out there to make sure your kid is safer on the internet such as cell phone spy apps, automated computer locks, etc. Here are 5 best rules that parents should be using to keep their kids safe on social media this summer:

No Unapproved Photos

Summertime is a time when it’s easy for kids to forget the rules about what is considered an appropriate photo and what isn’t. And with summer clothing styles getting skimpier every year your teens may end up posting selfies or photos that they will later regret. So for the summer, a good rule for parents to enforce is that a parent has to approve all photos before they can be posted on social media. Sometimes that cooling off period between when the child takes the photo and when a parent approves it can make a big difference. Be sure to check all the photos on your child’s phone too in order to be sure there are no inappropriate photos on there.

No Location Tagging

Kids love to tag themselves at the pool, at the local ice cream hang out, and other fun places. But your kids should never be publicly tagging their location on social media. Doing this makes them too easy for anyone to find. Make sure that you turn off the geolocating setting on your child’s phone. And let them know they should never be tagging their location in any social media post.

Limit Time Online

It’s summertime. Kids shouldn’t be on their phones all day. Institute 2 or 3 hours with no phone time so kids, force them to do something else offline. When there are family outings planned make a rule that cell phones need to be turned off. So that the family can spend time together.

Check Privacy Settings

social media

Parents should be periodically checking the privacy settings on their child’s phone or tablet. To be sure that the kids aren’t visiting inappropriate websites or content. This will lock down their profiles and make it harder to find. Kids can sometimes change those privacy settings without parents knowing so parents, check those privacy settings. Even though your child will probably get annoyed. As a part of this, it is also important to identify what Facebook knows about you & your children. TheGrapeVineGossip wrote a great blog post about that. 

Block Block Block

Your child will probably get a lot of new friend requests and messages during the summer. When kids are out of school and have a lot of free time. Don’t be afraid to use those block features on social media and block any user that looks sketchy. That sends an inappropriate message or seems a little off.

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