What You Need To Know About The New iPads

Just in time for early holiday shopping, Apple released a slew of new products including a totally revamped and upgraded iPad Pro. If you love the changes in the iPhone X you will love the new iPad Pros because the new Pros have a lot of the same features as the iPhone X series. And the new iPads also have a seriously upgraded processor for faster speed. Here are a few of the new features that the iPad Pros have: New Screen Sizes The previous size screens are gone and now the iPad Pro has a fully immersive screen that comes in either 12.9 inches or 11 inches instead of the smaller screens that the previous versions of the iPad Pro came in. And because of the faster processor and other upgrades like the Liquid Retina display the new iPad Pro has about as immersive a screen experience as you can get. Face ID The new iPad Pros have a lot of the same features that were first introduced on the iPhone X series, including facial recognition. The new iPad Pros have no home button. Instead, they rely on Face ID, which will work when the iPad is horizontal as well as vertical so if you are working on your iPad and you walk away for a few minutes and need to log in again you won’t need to reposition your iPad in order to log in. Because of the Face ID addition, the iPad Pro also has the ability to use Animoji and Memoji. Smaller Bezels In keeping with the goal of making the iPad Pro faster and lighter the bezels for the different function buttons are now even smaller and blend seamlessly into the case. There is no headphone jack on the iPad Pro newest versions but there is a USB-C connection so that you can charge your iPhone on your iPad or plug in other USB tools to the iPad. If you want to listen to headphones you will need to buy an adapter in order to plug in your headphones to the iPad or use wireless headphones. The adapters are sold separately and cost about $10. Are The New iPad Pros Worth It? If you already have an iPhone X or higher and you don’t do a lot of work, photography or media watching on your tablet you probably don’t need the increased functionality of the iPad Pro. But if you want to watch media on an interface that rivals the best TVs on the market or if you are seriously into photography and you want to have a stellar camera for taking photos and videos that is also light and easy to take anywhere then you can get a lot of use from an iPad Pro. Investing in the upgraded iPencil to use with the new iPad Pro will give you a technology suite that may not be a replacement for a laptop but will give you great functionality and the technology to take your creativity to new heights. Read more:  


Are Smart Appliances Worth The Cost?

smart kitchen

Like many people, my husband and I were very excited by the idea of replacing our appliances in the kitchen and our washer and dryer with smart appliances. There are so many high-end smart appliances these days that can do everything except put the food away for you that we were a little intimidated by all the features that these new smart appliances have. And the price tags are pretty high, so wanted to be sure that investing in a smart fridge, a smart stove and other appliances would be worth the cost. We decided that we would try out a smart fridge, a smart stove to see if they were as life-changing as the sales material said they would be. When we brought them home I was very skeptical. My husband, who is a tech geek, was so excited he practically didn’t leave the kitchen after the smart stove and fridge were installed. And even after he left the room I caught him on his smartphone pulling up the camera on the fridge to look inside it like he was discovering an entirely new world. It’s a good thing he didn’t have the same fascination in Spy Apps! Here’s my assessment of our smart appliances after we had tried them out for a full month: The Smart Fridge I thought this one was going back to the store for sure. I mean, how could we possibly need a fridge with a camera on it? A screen? Sensors of all kinds? It seemed too space age and very unnecessary. But in order to make sure I was giving it a fair shake I also tracked the grocery spending for the entire month. And it turns out the smart fridge saved us a lot of money on food costs. The fridge had a sensor that would tell me when the produce and fruit needed to get eaten, so we saved money by eating that food instead of throwing it out after the expiration date. It also saved money by reminding me when the milk and eggs were about to expire. When I went to the grocery store I’ll admit it was decadent and extremely helpful to be able to look in the fridge and see if I needed to buy eggs, cheese, salad dressing, and other items. I saved a lot of money by being able to buy just what I needed. The smart fridge ended up being a smart buy and it’s staying. It’s amazing how easily tech can change our lives. The Smart Stove The smart stove also turned out to be a real game changer. I love having the ability to turn the stove on to preheat when I’m on my home. And I never have to worry if the kids have left the stove on because I can turn it off from anywhere. It makes cooking for large parties and cooking different types of foods together with a snap. I don’t know how I got along without it. Investing in smart appliances was a great decision for us, and it probably would be for you too.


I Gave My Elderly Mother An Amazon Echo And It Changed Her Life

An iPhone spy app can help you keep your elderly loved one safe.

My mom is 80 years old and isn’t exactly up to speed on modern technology. But after my dad died, she became very lonely. She has friends, but living alone has been hard for her. Because my siblings and I live far away, we can’t visit very often. My sister got her an iPhone and taught her to FaceTime, so we can video chat. I also use an iPhone spy app to keep track of where she is, for her safety. But I felt like that wasn’t enough. I wanted to know that she’s safe while she lives alone. So for Christmas this year, I gave her an Amazon Echo. And it changed her life. Why My Mom Loves Alexa My mom was stunned by all the different things that Alexa can do. I knew that the Echo would be good for her, but I had no idea just how helpful it would end up being. Now, my mom is cooking meals again because she doesn’t have to squint at a cookbook or a recipe card she can’t really read anymore. Because I keep track of her with an iPhone spy app, I know she doesn’t use the Internet, except for email and Facebook. But Alexa can tell her a recipe or remind her what temperature something needs to cook at. She can tell Alexa what to put on her grocery list, or even order it for her. It makes her life easier in a thousand different ways. Alexa’s reminders are also fantastic for my mom. She doesn’t have to worry about remembering to take her medication or what time her doctor’s appointments are. Alexa will remind her every morning, at the same time to take her medications, and even gives her alerts before her medical appointments. Alexa can even call her an Uber if she doesn’t feel like driving. And if my mom can’t remember a phone number or an address, all she needs to do is ask Alexa. Other Things Alexa Can Do My brothers installed smart plugs in my mom’s house, so she can control the temperature, lock the doors, and make sure the oven is off just by telling Alexa. She can even ask Alexa to brew her morning coffee. In addition, Alexa is the perfect companion for my mom. She can listen to Amazon’s virtual assistant read her books or the news in the morning. The Echo also makes it easy for her to order staples in bulk from Amazon. They’ll just show up at her door, so she doesn’t have to go out and shop for things that she can’t carry well. If you have an elderly parent or family member and you’ve been wondering how you can make their lives better, even though you live far away, get them an Amazon Echo. You will be shocked at how many ways it can improve their quality of life and help them stay safe and happy in their own homes. Plus, you can hook the Echo into security systems to become a backup, voice-activated medical alert system if they need help in an emergency. Get your senior loved one an Echo. You won’t regret it. And while you’re at it, be sure to install an iPhone spy app on their phone, too. This will give you the peace of mind you need to make sure your loved one is safe.